Watch: Inmate's Disastrous Escape Attempt Caught On Camera

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Watch: Inmate's Disastrous Escape Attempt Caught On Camera

Jackson County Sheriff's Office

It was raining men in an Indiana prison when one inmate's escape attempt was foiled by his own weight.

Security footage from the Jackson County Jail shows Blaze Ayers, who had been locked up at the jail since Christmas, trying (and failing) to pull off a daring breakout.

A press release from the county sheriff's department says that Ayers, 28, split up from a group of prisoners being led back to their cells after recreation time.

Blaze Ayers
Ayers tried to recreate 'Prison Break,' but wound up on 'America's Funniest Home Videos' instead.Jackson County Sheriff's Office

He allegedly hid in a medical room, then escaped through the ceiling as officers pursued him. Hardly a perfect getaway, officers were following Ayers' escape and tried to pull him down from the ceiling several times.

The inmate's plan finally fell apart over the booking area, where security footage shows he broke through a ceiling tile as officers with stun guns drawn surrounded him. The sheriff's department say Ayers was hit with the Tasers after refusing to follow commands.

Now, the would-be escapee is back behind bars, and will likely be forced to recoup the jail for repairs to the ceiling.

Ayers was also treated for minor injuries he suffered during the botched escape.

He now faced new charges of felony attempted escape and misdemeanor criminal mischief. Ayers was originally jailed for failing to appear on a warrant for battery.

Jail Damage
Ayers is expected to cover repairs to the jail's ceiling.Sheriff Rick Myer - Facebook

Jail commander Christ Everhart told WDRB that escape attempts at Jackson County are rare, but security has already been beefed up following Ayers' attempted breakout.

"The medical room no longer locks," he said. "Our recreation policy is going to change a little bit. We always tell the inmates to follow the rules, and they're disciplined if they don't."

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Was Ayers' escape attempt daring, or just plain dumb?

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