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Jail Guard's Tearful Tribute To The Inmates That Saved His Life Will Change How You Think

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A Texas jail guard gave a teary-eyed thank you to the prisoners who saved his life after he suffered a heart attack.

Two years ago, Gary Grimm, 52, was watching over a group of criminals in their cell at the Parker County District Courthouse, when he suddenly collapsed in his chair.  

"I just slumped and went out," Grimm told WHAS11. "Next thing I remember is looking up at the ceiling in the ER."

Grimm said the eight men originally thought he was playing a trick on them, but then realized he was in grave danger.

When the prisoners realized their guard had gone unconscious, they frantically banged on their cell door until they broke free.

While most people assumed they would have attempted to escape or steal Grimm's weapon, the unlikely heroes did the exact opposite.

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