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Jane Seymour Addresses Cosmetic Surgery Rumors

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Jane Seymour has been a Hollywood sweetheart since her breakthrough role as a Bond girl in Live and Let Die in 1973.

"I was very innocent when I got the part. I was 20. I’d been in The Onedin Line but a Bond movie — it wasn’t something I aspired to. I was hoping to do a good BBC drama, maybe some theater. Next thing I knew I was in a Bond film," Seymour said.

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From there we enjoyed watching her on the small screen for five years in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Decades later she is visiting her '80s aerobics craze during the decade in Pop TV's Let's Get Physical.

“I used to do aerobics back in the day,” she tells PEOPLE. “I frizzed out my hair, had the headband, the leotard that came right up to your waist, the belts.”

Off screen, Seymour's fitness routine has moved away from aerobics and instead incorporates the occasional spin class, light weight training and Pilates.

“I was one of the first to do Pilates back in the day,” the actress admits. “My Pilates class would be Joan Collins, Natalie Wood and all the Charlie’s Angels.”

But that won't stop her from doing jumping jacks on TV again.

“I’m an ex-dancer,” Seymour adds. “So hopefully they’ll let me do more in the future.”

The 66-year-old star no doubt is in great physical shape, but has she had some help from a cosmetic surgeon to stay young?

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