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School Rallies To Support Beloved Janitor, Puts His Surprise In The Garbage


Correction: A previous version of this article referred to the school being in Lexington, Kentucky when, in fact Anderson County High School is a public school located in Lawrenceburg, KY. Please do feel free to send us a message corrections@shared.com if you have any further questions.

When we think of school, we think of the teachers who work so hard to educate our kids. But too often we forget about the other support staff that help keep everything running smoothly.

Janitors have one of the most thankless jobs in the school, tending to messes and problems every day without complaint. We take for granted their hard work and constant dedication.

Anderson County High School, a public school located in Lawrenceburg, KY. decided it was time to do something nice for their custodian, Ricky Spaulding, who was going through a tough time. Spaulding's son was stationed in Italy, and he and his wife had just welcomed a new baby.

Unfortunately, money was tight for the custodian and his wife, so they weren't able to visit.

When staff heard about Spaulding's situation, they knew it was time to do something to help someone who does so much for them. The faculty organized a surprise for Spaulding that involved students, staff, and parents!


Money came pouring in from supporters, and finally it was time to give Spaulding his surprise. At the end of the school year, everyone gathered in the gym for an end-of-year pep rally. Spaulding was called to "clean up a mess," but he had no idea he was about to be given an incredible surprise.


As he came to clean up the made-up mess, Spaulding was handed a trash can filled with $1,900, enough for him and his wife to travel to Italy and meet their grandchild!


"Ricky's just such a great guy that it's hard not to give to his cause," principal Chris Glass told local news.

“Words cannot describe the joy that I feel right now," Spaulding said of the gift.

It's not even about the money, according to Spaulding and his wife. Having not seen their son in over a year, it's the gesture and willingness of people to help that really touched them.

“It just shows how much they care and I just think it’s amazing," Lisa Spaulding said.

You can watch Ricky get surprised in the video below!

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