Women Are Growing Out Their Body Hair For 'Januhairy'

Credit: Instagram/janu_hairy

It seems that for as long as a woman has had body hair, there's been someone telling her what to do with it. From their legs to their upper lip, women must treat their hair much differently than a man treats his.

It is so widely accepted it's difficult to even call it sexist. A lot of people just think of it in a "well that's how things are done" kind of way. That hasn't stopped many people from pushing boundaries when it comes to their body hair, whether they mean to or not.

Remember the infamous Julia Roberts arm pit hair controversy? Everyone thought America's Sweetheart was going rogue, but in fact her whole statement was an accident.

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"I just hadn't really calculated my sleeve length and the waving and how those two things would go together and reveal personal things about me," she told Busy Philipps in an interview. Still, it was iconic, and baring body hair has long been a standard among feminist circles.

Enter "Januhairy", a new movement trying to buck society's suggestion that a woman should be smooth and nearly hairless. It seemed to echo the Movember movement, where men grow mustaches to raise awareness about men's reproductive health, but reaction to it hasn't been as glowing.

In fact, taking a look on Twitter shows just how important Januhairy may be.

Piers Morgan, the man's man who seems to be upset by everything, called the movement "lazy and revolting" underneath a picture of Madonna letting her arm pit hair out.

The picture of Madonna is at least four years old, but it didn't matter much to Morgan.

A mother responded to his Tweet.

"I've just shown this picture to my 4-year-old and when she noticed the armpits, she asked me, 'Why does she have hairy armpits?' and instantly pulled a face! So it's decided...I'm growing mine for Januhairy to show her it's totally exceptable (SIC) for girls," tweeted Vikkie.

People immediately chimed in about her parenting skills.

"As long as you're happy with just cats for the rest of your life," Tweeted Jaspar Carmichael-Jack, who doesn't look like he's of an age where body hair is a real concern.

Despite the online criticism, many women are taking part and sharing their results.

So if you see a high number of hairy pits in your timeline, it's because this month is the month of body hair, whether you want it to be or not.

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