Jason Momoa's Ceremonial Dance Stunned The Crowd At His Movie Premiere

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Jason Momoa, the Hollywood actor about to get a huge career boost for his starring role in the superhero flick Aquaman, has stolen the internet's heart this year.

He's already known for sharing lovey-dovey photos with his wife, Lisa Bonet, on social media, but Momoa, 39, can also make heads turn with his hilarious and raunchy comedic side, as he proved by stripping down on SNL.

At Aquaman's "blue carpet" Hollywood premiere this week, Momoa created another viral moment in a very special way: by performing a traditional dance for the crowd.

Momoa, whose background includes both Native Hawaiian and Native American ancestry, performed a traditional dance called a Haka, which is a part of the native Maori culture of New Zealand -  where Aquaman was filmed.

Momoa's character is a Maori man in his new film, and the actor obviously has a lot of love for the culture, since he fought to include one of his personal heroes, the Maori actor Temuera Morrison, in Aquaman as his character's father.

Momoa told New Zealand's Stuff that seeing Morrison on screen at a young age had a huge impact on his own career.

Jason Momoa
Momoa geeked out while meeting his 'Aquaman' costar, Temuera Morrison.Jason Momoa - Instagram

"It was great to have a brown-skinned actor you could really look up to," he said.

Hakas are Maori dances performed at welcoming ceremonies, celebrations, and even funerals, and are meant to be performed in a large, loud group.

Alongside Momoa, Morrison and his other Aquaman castmates joined the dance, and so did his daughter Lola, 11, and son Nakoa, 9.

Jason Momoa haka
Momoa's children joined the dance with him.Variety - YouTube

At one point, Momoa got so caught up in the dance that she snapped a prop trident in half over his knee.

It's definitely not something you see at every Hollywood premiere, but it's undeniably Momoa's style, and you have to admire him for doing things his way.

Were you impressed by the haka?

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