You Can Now Buy Jeans That Stops Everyone From Smelling Your Farts

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You Can Now Buy Jeans That Stops Everyone From Smelling Your Farts


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Let's be honest - we've all been in a situation where we're in a crowd full of people, only to realize we need to pass gas

While it's certainly impolite to just let one rip, if you can't make it to the bathroom, the only thing you can do is hope it comes out silently.

But since we'd wish to not stink at all, one fashion company has heard our prayers for a fart-less life.

While it's absolutely unhealthy not to pass gas at all - we fart up to 14 times a day - Shreddies came up with the next best thing, which are flatulence filtering jeans.

How does it work?

From the same brand that brought you the flatulence filtering underwear and pajamas, these garments help you stay fresh to death as they "feature an activated carbon back panel that absorbs all flatulence odors," its website reports.

"Due to its highly porous nature, the odor vapors become trapped and neutralized by the cloth, which is then reactivated by simply washing the garment."

But, if you want to snag these unique pair of pants, you'll have to open your wallet wide up, because they'll set you back for about $170 each.

As of now, the jeans only come in a dark wash color, but range from sizes 4 to 16 for women and 28 to 40 inch waists for men. Both pant lengths come in short, medium and tall.

Although everyone can purchase these garnets, Shreddies specifically designed the clothing in an effort to help those suffering with flatulence issues caused by IBS, Gastritis, Crohn's disease, Dyspepsia and Colitis, along with individuals who have food intolerance and other bowel and digestive disorders.

"In many cases, simply not having to worry about flatulence can help improve a person's condition," the website adds.

"Anxiety can create chemical changes in your body [and] can affect your digestive system, exacerbating a person's condition."

Shreddies recommends you pair these new slacks with their underwear as a way to create "a double layer of protection" and "increased confidence."

Shreddies men jeans

The motto of the company is "fart with confidence," so if you have to toot, it might not be with pride, but it will be with comfort.

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