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"Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans Hospitalized Days Before Christmas

Instagram - Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans came dangerously close to spending the holidays away from home, after she was checked into the hospital days before Christmas.

The Teen Mom star has been making a lot of news lately, especially with her husband being visited by the Secret Service for his threatening posts, but this round of news seems to be legit.

Jenelle posted pictures of herself in the hospital on social media, and also posted an update about her situation on Twitter.

"If you've been keeping up or not with my health... I went in for another endoscopy today, wish me luck on my results," she tweeted. "I just want to travel on a plane and be ok."

Evans also mentioned that she "had biopsies done everywhere" but didn't elaborate on what the biopsies were for. That being said, she mentions "esophagus pain" in one of her posts, so it's possible her issues are related to that.

Jenelle posted a few more pictures about her stay, including the fact that she's been having massive migraines.

Evans was lucky, though, that her stay wasn't much longer. She was discharged from the hospital the same day she went in it seems, although she's still waiting for answers.

"Hopefully we will get some answers for my health now," Evans captioned her post. "Thanks Duke, you're the best."

The mom of three has spoken about her health issues in the past, mentioning that the epidural she had when giving birth to her daughter Ensley still gives her issues.

"After getting [three] epidurals in my lifetime... I think this third one got me good," she wrote.. "Still having nerve/back pain from delivering Ensley!"

Evans was also in the hospital twice in the month of October, once because of sinus surgery, and another time because of alleged abuse at the hands of her husband, David Eason.

"My name is Jenelle Eason, I am at 17 [redacted], and my husband assaulted me. He pinned me down on the ground [...] in the yard, and I think I heard my f*****g collarbone crack. I can't move my arm," Evans told the operator during the 911 call. "I think that he got violent because he's drinking. I'm recovering from a surgery I got on Monday[...] I have four kids at the house with me right now and they're all sleeping. I don't know what to do."

Eventually, Evans said it was all a misunderstanding and that Eason wasn't abusive, and that having been in abusive relationships before, she would never stand for it now.

In the end, the only thing that really matters is that Evans is healthy. She's got three kids to take care of, and around the holidays that stress only multiplies.

We hope that Jenelle can get the answers she needs so she can get back to normal.

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