Jenelle Evans "Sobs" In Court As She Loses Custody Of Kids

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Jenelle Evans "Sobs" In Court As She Loses Custody Of Kids

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If you haven't heard, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has been in a battle with authorities and CPS after her husband, David Eason, shot and killed their family dog for nipping their young daughter, Ensley, on the cheek. It caused a whirlwind of controversy, including Evans being fired from MTV.

After Eason shot the dog, CPS stepped in to take away the kids while they investigated the situation. Evans' son Jace, who primarily lives with his grandmother, was not allowed to return to the house. Her son Kaiser was put in the custody of his father, Nathan. Ensley, the daughter of Evans and Eason, was put in the care of Evans' mom along with Jace. Eason's daughter Maryssa, who primarily lived with the couple, was believed to still be in the home as Eason continued to homeschool her.

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Evans and Eason maintained that they had done nothing wrong, and that their kids never should have been taken from them. However, a judge in the courts disagreed. Today, Evans and Eason temporarily lost custody of their kids.

"The judge told Jenelle that she failed to protect the children while they were in her care," an insider said. "The judge heard testimony that David and Jenelle were constantly screaming and arguing, and the children were terrified. CPS described the state of the home as horrific. It was filthy, and there were holes in all of the walls."

The news came as a shock to Evans, who previously went on record saying that she would be getting her kids back and cooperating with the courts. When the news broke that she wouldn't be getting her kids back that day, she lost it.

"Jenelle was sobbing in court," the source said. "Jenelle believed that her lawyer was going to be able to get her children back and she seemed stunned when this happened. Jenelle is standing by David. Despite what happened, she has no plans to leave him."

It was also revealed that Maryssa was put in the care of her maternal grandmother, and her supervised visits with Eason were emotionally traumatic.

"It was supervised with the Sheriff and social services was in the room and Maryssa ran out hysterically crying into her grandmother's arms," the source said.

Evans' manager Johnny Donovan told Us Weekly: "At this time we are cooperating with the judge and legal team from court. We have no comment at this time and we appreciate the concerns regarding our client and her children. We will continue to cooperate with the court and their decisions."

It's important to note that Evans didn't lose any legal rights to her kids. The situation is temporary, and the couple will appear in court again next week to try and regain custody of their kids. If the current caregivers want to take on permanent custody of the kids, they'll have to petition the courts to do so.

It's sad to see how far Evans and Eason have fallen, but perhaps this will serve as a wake-up call to Evans that her relationship with Eason is costing her the chance to be a mom.

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