Jessica Simpson Mom-Shamed For Sharing Daughter's Bikini Photo

These days it seems like moms can never catch a break online. No matter what they do, even with the best intentions, they're likely to be judged and criticized for it.

Parents on the internet like to have a say on how others raise their children and nobody is safe from their harsh opinions especially celebrities.

Not only do celebrity parents have to deal with the pressure of constantly being in the public eye, they also have to deal with the public scrutiny of their parenting choices.  

Jessica Simpson is the latest famous mom to fall victim of shaming after posting a few photos of her 5-year-old daughter Maxwell on Instagram.

In the post captioned, "safety first," proud mom Jessica, wanted to share with the world the importance of children wearing helmets when riding bikes and scooters. However, the point was lost over her very opinionated followers because they were caught up with another detail of photo - Maxwell's attire.

Many of the singer and fashion designer's followers felt the photos were inappropriate and should've never been posted on a public platform.

"Please lock down the pictures like this to only true friends," wrote a follower. "There are disgusting people out there who would use this picture for bad things. Never post pictures of young girls in bathing suits for the public to see!"

"This is an account anyone can see. Jessica shame on you for exposing your daughter instead of protecting her!" added another.

It also seems like Maxwell's poses rubbed some people the wrong way:

"A child posing like that... that's just creepy," remarked another mom-shamer. "If I had a daughter that age I [wouldn't let her] wear a tiny bikini like that and pose herself like a model."

But of course, there were fans who didn't what the big deal was and didn't hesitate to voice their support.

"I'm sorry that people have to sexualize your daughter and try to make you feel bad about something fun and innocent," wrote one fan.

This follower made an important argument about society's double standards:

"It's a BODY!" a follower commented. "If it was a little boy in swim trunks, no one wouldn't bat an eye or utter a word! Quit #bodyshaming girls. Women have enough expectations without adding the weight of others judgments. It's skin, it's a swimsuit, it's summer.....HAVE FUN!!!"

Even some supportive non-fans also offered their two-cents on the issue:

"I'm not a fan and don't following celebrity instagrams, but I'm jumping on board to say that people who have a problem with this photo have a problem. I see a young girl who is standing strong and having fun. This is what a little girl in a bathing suit looks like and there's nothing here that remotely suggests anything else. You can certainly find sexualized little girls on Instagram but this isn't it."

Do you think people are turning this into a bigger deal than it is? Share your thoughts in the comments!

[h/t: Refinery29]

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