Jimmy Dean Is Giving Away Sausage-Scented Gift Wrap And Other Weird Christmas Presents


Jimmy Dean Is Giving Away Sausage-Scented Gift Wrap And Other Weird Christmas Presents

Jimmy Dean

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Every family has their ritual on Christmas morning, including when to start opening gifts and what to enjoy during that big family breakfast.

In my family, the smell of warm, fresh-baked cinnamon rolls was our signal to come downstairs and crowd around the tree.

But if Jimmy Dean sausage has a place of honor in your Christmas traditions, you'll love the company's new holiday giveaway.

Jimmy Dean is organizing a a Recipe Gift Exchange for the holiday season, and giving away free Christmas goodies inspired by their classic breakfast sausage.

Between November 12 and December 20, anyone who cooks a Jimmy Dean recipe using their famous seasoned sausage can submit a photo on the company's website, and get a free quirky Christmas gift in exchange.

Jimmy Dean
The gift exchange features unusual presents like a sausage-shaped ornament.Jimmy Dean

Jimmy Dean's own 1965 album Jimmy Dean's Christmas Card on vinyl is up for grabs, along with an "ugly Christmas sweater" apron, and even a sausage-shaped tree ornament.

But the standout gift is special sausage-scented wrapping paper. Jimmy Dean says that the unusual gift wrap will "make your holiday just a little bit brighter when you sniff its savory scent and see visions of sausages dancing in your head."

Jimmy Dean gift wrap
The quirky gift wrap features sausages and Christmas trees.Jimmy Dean

If you actually want these prizes, you'll have to act fast. While the Gift Exchange is open until just days before Christmas, the bizarre prizes might run out before then.

And even if you're not interested in these gag gifts, it's still worth joining the gift exchange.

Jimmy Dean belt buckle
The belt buckle is a replica of Dean's own accessory.Jimmy Dean

One lucky person will win an extra-special prize even more exciting than smelly wrapping paper: there's a diamond-studded gold belt buckle with the Jimmy Dean insignia up for grabs.

That grand prize is valued at $10,000, which could keep your family supplied with frozen sausage patties for years to come.

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