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George Clooney And A Team Of Celebrities Made Jimmy Kimmel's Dream Come True On His 50th Birthday

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In honor of Jimmy Kimmel's 50th birthday on Monday, November 13, a host of celebrities came to Kimmel Live to celebrate the talk show host.

It all started with Adam Sandler, who turned 50 last year, coming out and surprising the birthday boy with an opening monologue and chair.


His jokes about turning 50 are great! See the whole clip below.

As a surprise, George Clooney hosted a This Is Your Life-type retrospect of Kimmel's life and career, taking some liberties to roast him along the way.

From drunken half-naked karaoke:


To his attempt at a radio career, where he was promptly fired:


Clooney had us laughing through the whole segment.

Take a look behind the beard, at 50 Fierce & Fabulous.

But that's not all that was in store for the talk show host that night.

Celebrities like Ray Romano, Amy Schumer, Larry David and Halle Berry celebrated Kimmel's birthday by reading mean tweets about him.

"Is Jimmy Kimmel crosseyed or just ridiculously ugly?" reads Howard Stern.

"@jimmykimmel is a comedy god. Like a deformed, lame, hideous god, such as ancient Greece's Hephaestus," reads Chris Hemsworth.

"@jimmykimmel you still look like a potato. Now you're just a hairy potato. So you're extra gross," read Schumer.

Some of these are priceless:

But that wasn't the best birthday surprise that he got that night.


Star Trek and Star Wars director J.J. Abrams showed up with a gift on hand that took the talk show host by surprise.

He brought a superhero comic book that Kimmel had illustrated and wrote as a kid.

The pair went over the various superheroes in the comic, that included Muscle Man, Super Duck and Color Kid.

"The characters, like they really spoke to me," Abrams said. "They demanded to be brought to life."

That's when the director revealed his star-studded trailer for "The Terrific Ten," which the director joked cost $250 million to shoot.

Starring celebrity favorites including Ben Affleck, Will Arnett, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Ty Burrell, Billy Crudup, Zach Galifianakis, Jon Hamm and Shaquille O'Neal as superheros, we couldn't help but be impressed.


Naturally, Kimmel's nemesis, Matt Damon, portrayed the villain Dr. Bolt along with Wanda Sykes as his sidekick, The Bleach Master.


Get ready to laugh and watch the full trailer below.

Watching this "Kimmel Komix" brought to life delighted the birthday boy.

"That was the best gift I ever got," Kimmel said. "Unbelievable."

Source: CNN / Huffington Post / The Week