Jimmy Kimmel Pranked Kids On Halloween Again - And Their Reactions Were Better Than Ever

Randy Holmes - ABC / Jimmy Kimmel Live - YouTube

Every family has their own Halloween traditions, from pumpkin carving to trick-or-treating, or special ways to bond like watching spooky movies together.

But a growing number of parents make a Halloween habit of pranking their kids by "stealing" their candy and filming their reactions.

The annual joke was started eight years ago by TV host Jimmy Kimmel, who asked parents to hide their child's candy and tape themselves breaking the bad news.

Check out the original Halloween prank video. This year's video is below.

"I guess I didn't expect so much crying," Kimmel said about his original crop of videos.

"I kinds thought the kids would be mad, almost every one of them cries."

But the priceless reactions only got funnier and funnier each year, and the latest batch of videos could be the best one yet.

That's because, along with crying, screaming, slapping, and shrugging, a few kids reacted by shaming Kimmel himself.

One boy warned his parents, "You're going to get sick," after they claimed to have eaten all his candy.

"I'm so disappointed at you," sighed another.

Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Prank
Kids were very upset by Kimmel's candy-stealing trick.Jimmy Kimmel Live - YouTube

"Do you still love me?" asked one dad. "Not anymore," said his son.

And one father who asked if his son wanted broccoli instead of the missing candy got a slap from his son in response.

Still, some kids were willing to turn the other cheek.

"I forgive you mommy," said one little girl. "I love you."

Kids were not willing to look the other way when they learned Jimmy Kimmel was the man behind the candy thefts.

"Do you like Jimmy Kimmel?" a father asked. "No," his daughter said with tears in her eyes. "He's an idiot," said another boy.

But a few kids had apparently heard of Kimmel's annual prank, and were not impressed.

"Oh no, this is fake I know this," said one boy with a smile. "You showed us the video," he reminded his mom.

"How many years do you think you're gonna get away with this?" one little boy asked Kimmel.

Operation Gratitude
Operation Gratitude ships candy and care packages to deployed troops, veterans, and first responders.Operation Gratitude

Hopefully, at least a few more! Not only are these videos hilarious, they also raise awareness for Operation Gratitude, a charity that ships leftover Halloween candy from across the country to deployed troops, veterans, and first responders.

Which reaction in this year's video was your favorite?

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