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Jimmy Kimmel Is Taking A Week Off After Giving An Emotional Update About his Son

Jimmy Kimmel will have celebrity guests fill in as hosts on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show for the week, after his 7-month-old son underwent a second heart surgery.

In Kimmel's place, Chris Pratt, Tracee Ellis Ross, Neil Patrick Harris and Melissa McCarthy will host the late night talk show.

Pratt took over hosting duties from Kimmel on Monday night, and the 38-year-old actor made no mention of his split with Anna Faris during his opening monologue, but did admit he was nervous about his hosting duties.

“You know I was actually – I was kind of nervous to do this tonight, because… you know – I’ve never done anything like this,” Pratt told viewers.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star even introduced musical guest, country star Chris Stapleton as they performed a rendition of "Time of my Life," the theme song to the 1987's hit, Dirty Dancing.

In April, Kimmel and his wife, Molly McNearney, welcomed their son, William John "Billy." At only three days old, Billy underwent his first heart surgery at the Children's Hospital of Las Angeles.

“Basically, the pulmonary valve was completely blocked and he has a hole in the wall between the left and right sides of his heart,” Kimmel explained in a tearful monologue in May.

Despite the surgery being a success, Billy was supposed to have another operation when he was between three and six months old.

Originally Kimmel's baby boy was supposed to go in for surgery in late October. Unfortunately due to a cold, the surgery had to be postponed.

Now Kimmel is providing an update on his family.

Kimmel has not been shy about his experience with having a son who requires medical care, and showing gratitude to the support staff that saved his son's life.

Three hours after Billy was delivered, an attentive nurse noticed he had a heart murmur and was starting to turn purple. The newborn was having trouble breathing and they found that Billy was born with a heart disease.

Six days after his open-heart surgery he was doing well and the family got to bring him home.

In July, Kimmel shared an update that baby Billy was doing well.

He continues to give us updates on his boy and show gratitude to the health care professionals that have helped his son.

Now a representative from Jimmy Kimmel Live! has confirmed that Billy has undergone a "scheduled and successful" heart surgery this week.

The 50-year-old talk show host will be taking the rest of the week off to be with his family.

Since the birth of his son, Kimmel has been outspoken about healthcare on the show.

"No parent should ever have to decide if they can afford to save their child's life," he said.

Billy has a big sister, 3-year-old Jane, as well as two step-siblings Kevin and Katie that Kimmel has from a previous relationship.

Thank goodness their entire family is doing well and we pray that they will stay that way!

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