Jinger Duggar Mom-Shamed After Car Seat Photo On Instagram

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Jinger Duggar Mom-Shamed After Car Seat Photo On Instagram


When you sign up to be a reality star, you're expecting to take the good with the bad. Yes, you'll get attention and money, but you'll also get a large group of people who seem to only exist to criticize you.

The Duggar family knows this all too well, after being a prominent family on TV for about a decade now. Some things were legitimately criticized, like when Josh Duggar admitted to cheating on his wife and molesting some of his sisters. Others, like Jessa having a messy house, weren't so necessary.


Jinger Duggar has always been able to stay away from the controversy, and even received praise when she broke the family's unusual rule that requires girls to only wear skirts, never pants.

But fans changed their tune after Jinger posted a picture of her three-week-old baby on Instagram.

😍 #felicitynicolevuolo #3.5weeks

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Mommy-shamers didn't know where to start with Jinger. Some targeted the headband that Felicity was wearing, calling it a "choking hazard."

Other people pointed out that the little girl seems to have "tiny eczema" on her face, which is why she has to wear tiny mittens to stop from scratching.

But the biggest issue people took from this photo was how Felicity was sitting.

"To[o] small for this kind of seat. Watch her little back please," one person commented on the photo.

"She could suffocate in that position," another person wrote. "Please put her in a proper reclining seat."

Things got so bad, Jinger had to disable comments on her Instagram post. The picture is still there, but people can't leave their opinions anymore.

Snuggle time 💕

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Despite the negativity, fans came to Jinger's defense of the photo.

"The Duggar's could post a cure for cancer and the Duggar Trolls will find some way to criticize and demean them," Paul Falcon commented. "You people really should get a life. Congratulations on the baby girl. May God continue to bless your family."

"This family has raised more kids than anyone," Leslie Fye wrote. "Pretty sure they know what they're doing and that baby is perfectly safe."

"So much negativity about the car seat," someone else said. "Do you really think they would put her in something unsafe??? I'm sure we all did everything perfect?????"

It's not the first time Jinger and her little family have been shamed since Felicity was born, either.

Look who joined me for OT Studies w/ Dr. Essex... || @mastersseminary ||

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Jinger's husband Jeremy posted this picture of him and Felicity on Instagram looking at a computer screen.

"I hate to be that person, but it is really not good for an infant to be so close to a screen, it is not good for her eyes," one fan commented.

"Yeah, [my] brother and his wife didn't let my nephew watch screens for the first year of his life," another person commented. "The doctor recommended it."

"Lovely...but I agree with the others... Her eyes are still too delicate for screens like that..so maybe you can just read or talk to her and tell her what you've learnt," someone else suggested.


In the end, Jinger and Jeremy are doing the same thing as all new parents: their best. The people who pick apart photos like this should probably find better ways to spend their time.

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