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John Cena And Nikki Bella Finally Reveal What Caused Their Dramatic Breakup

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It seemed like match made in pro wrestling heaven:

Former WWE champion John Cena and his fiance, pro wrestler and reality star Nikki Bella, were set to tie the knot in May.

But less than a month before the ceremony, the couple shocked their fans by revealing they had broken up.

John Cena
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It was stunning news, especially since Cena and Bella have dated for years.

Now, fans are hopeful that a reunion is on the horizon as the couple finally discuss why they split up.

Not your average love story

John Cena

The two pro wrestlers met while working together in the WWE, and have officially been a couple since 2012.

Of course, managing the ups and downs of a relationship while touring around the world for most of the year hasn't been easy.

On Bella's reality show, Total Divas, it wasn't unusual for the couple to get into arguments and spats, before making up by the end of each episode.

John Cena

But when Cena popped the question on live TV at Wrestlemania 33 - in front of 75,000 screaming fans - it seemed like the pair were really in love.

The engagement was out of character for Cena, who had been shy about committing to Bella because his first marriage ended in a messy divorce.

John Cena
Cena and his first wife Elizabeth Huberdeau.YouTube

Cena had even forced his fiance to sign a 75-page cohabitation agreement before they moved in together.

Now, it seems obvious that Cena's fear of commitment was a red flag for his relationship with Bella.

The breakup

Since the split, the couple have been tight-lipped about exactly why they broke up.

John Cena

In an interview on Today, Cena said walking away from his engagement had been "very difficult" for him, but made his intentions clear.

"For anyone out there speculating on what I'm doing with my life now: I still love Nicole. I would still love to marry Nicole. I still would love to have a family with Nicole."

That reference to starting a family turned out to be crucial.

John Cena

The latest episode of Total Divas revealed a disagreement over having children was what tore the couple apart in the first place.

In an earlier episode, Bella revealed she had frozen her eggs, prompting an argument between her and Cena about whether they were ready to start a family.

Bella was in tears as she described spending time with her niece, Birdie, on the latest episode.

Nikki Bella

"Since Birdie's been born and I've spent a lot of time with Birdie, it's just brought up these feelings of really wanting to be a mom and I thought I could really sacrifice that and I just can't," she explained.

When Bella asked if calling off their wedding was "the only way" to solve their problems, Cena said yes.

"And I think you know it too," he added. "I'm sorry, Nicole."

A reunion in the works?

Nikki Bella
thenikkibella - Instagram

While Cena and Bella's breakup was very emotional, there's still reason to be hopeful that these two will get back together soon.

Last week, Bella shared an Instagram post that read, "Storms don't last forever."

The same day, Cena shared his own uplifting message with fans on Twitter.

John Cena
John Cena - Twitter

“Being accountable is a great way to face who you are” he wrote.

“We often speak of aspiration and quickly point out the faults of others, yet fail to heed our words or be brave enough to be accountable for our own faults.”

When TMZ cornered Cena to ask him about his thoughts on having children, the pro wrestler had also changed his tune.

I would love to be a dad," said Cena, who added that the change of heart is because "I dedicated my life to my work and now I'm realizing that there is life and life exists and it's beautiful and I think part of that is being a parent."

John Cena
Daniel Benavides - Flickr

While some fans guess that the couple are already back together (and only playing up their split for Bella's reality show) an official statement from the couple's rep was less optimistic.

"Nikki and John are working on their relationship and taking it day by day," a spokesperson said. "They appreciate all of their fans and their continued support."

Do you think Cena and Bella should get back together?


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