John Lennon Sent A Sassy Christmas Card To Yoko Ono's Husband and It's Now For Sale

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John Lennon Sent A Sassy Christmas Card To Yoko Ono's Husband and It's Now For Sale


Months before the collapse of The Beatles, John Lennon wrote a Christmas card to Yoko Ono's ex-husband, Tony Cox, and is now on the market for $15,000.

The 1968 Christmas card asks Cox for his partner's personal belongings following her co-habitation with Lennon.  

The card, which was put on sale by, reads: "We took most of the stuff I think - we're gradually going through it - if we picked up anything of yours - or something you need (don't panic!) we'll put it back or send it depending where you are. Hope it's o.k. there - it sounds it."

On the second page, Lennon is much more forward about what he wants.

He asks Cox to immediately handover two of Ono's short films and master tapes from her concert and rehearsals.

A section of the card addressed to Ono's daughter,  reads: "To Dear Kyoko, A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, lots of love and kisses, John and mommy."

There are two separate tales pertaining to Lennon's introduction to Ono.

The first version describes Lennon's 1966 visit to the Indica Gallery in London where the gallery owner, John Dunbar introduced the future couple.  

Lennon was fascinated by Ono's Hammer A Nail piece, where patrons could hammer a nail into a wooden board, creating the artwork. Despite the exhibition not yet open to the public, Lennon wanted to hammer a nail into the clean board, but Ono halted any action. She had apparently never heard of the Beatles before.  

The second version, told by Paul McCartney, said their original encounter was in late 1965, where Ono was in London compiling song manuscripts for her friend, John Cage, who was working on his book, Notations. McCartney had declined to give her any of his musical scores, but suggested Lennon might oblige. When asked, Lennon gave Ono the original handwritten lyrics to The Word. Ono is said to have known who The Beatles were, but claimed to Lennon she did not.

The pair left both of their respective spouses for each other and wed on March 29, 1979 until Lennon's murder on Dec. 20, 1980.

This isn't the first time a piece of Lennon's memorabilia has been up for sale. In February 2016, a four-inch lock of his hair had been sold for $35,000 at auction. A hairdresser had cut off the musician's tresses before his role in a the 1967 movie, How I Won The War.

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