Josh Brolin Posts Hilarious Instagram Picture After Peeing On Himself


We all know that getting older means your body will change, but sometimes it's not easy to talk about. The aches, pains, and moodiness are common, but what about the other aspects of aging we try to keep secret?

Josh Brolin - Berlin Berlinale 66Photo YourSpace / Flickr / Glyn Lowe Photoworks

Academy Award-nominee Josh Brolin posted an enlightening photo on Instagram this past weekend that has since gone completely viral. Brolin, who most recently starred as Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and Cable in Deadpool 2, shared a pretty personal incident that he says is a factor of hitting 50 years old.

Stoked about pissing all over myself again. One of the great gifts about turning 50 is the sudden, biological changing out of your shower head. What used to be a rush of garden hose, now seems to have morphed into a multi-directional sprinkler. Just want to let everyone know what there is to look forward to "” those who haven't reached this incredibly illuminating milestone.

Clearly other people felt Brolin's pain, or were at least ready to experience it for themselves.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the 52-year-old Walking Dead star commented on Brolin's post, saying "Between us...I really identify with this whole goddamn post."

Brolin's Avengers co-star, 49-year-old Dave Bautista, said Brolin is lucky it took that long.

"You didn't start pissing yourself til you were 50?!!! I'm f****d! 😖"

And 37-year-old Taylor Kitsch is excited for his future.


Brolin has been fairly candid about getting older and how it affects his career.

"I'm 50," he said. "So what's the thing, to start playing guys that are the next-door neighbor who's the grumpy old dude who's married in the rom-com, and then Jennifer Aniston goes and f--ks the other guy who's cooler and he's an a-----e? Like, no. I've been offered a lot of those parts, and I'm like, "˜No, man.' Don't want to do that. It's not interesting to me."

Even though peeing on yourself may not be the most glamorous thing in the world, at least Brolin can laugh about it!

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