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Judge Delivers Ruling In Case Of Florida Reporter Taking Too Many Items Into Express Checkout

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We've all been there. You've jumped into the grocery store for a few quick things, you head straight for the Express checkout line given you've only got about four things to buy, and then BAM, some jerk with more than 10 items is in the Express lane acting like he owns the place.


It's one of the most infuriating things you can deal with at a grocery store. The lane is CLEARLY marked as being for people with 1 to 10 items, and even if the person who's too much of a jerk to notice is being that much of a jerk, the cashier should be piping up and saying something about it! Now everyone's stuck waiting even longer than they should be!


Most surprisingly of all, apparently there are people who are incensed that they have to follow the rules on this one, and are constantly looking for ways around it. Case and point: a Miami reporter recently tried to take twice as many items as possible through the Express lane.

His explanation? That buy-1-get-1-free items should combine to count as 1 item.

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