Frustrated Judge Shares The "Three Things You Can Do To Guarantee Your Child Goes to Jail"

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As a parent, from the moment you bring a child into the world, you feel an overwhelming urge to protect them at all times.

Nothing hurts more than watching your child suffer through hardships, which is why every action and decision you make is done with your offspring's best interest in mind.

This is exactly why when our child behaves out of character or lands themselves into trouble, we often take the responsibility for it.

Accepting blame for our children's actions have become so embedded in our society that it's created a trend where parents not only judge themselves, but they also become critical of other parents.

Rarely do we stop to think of how this type of behavior actually affects our children. Are we actually helping them become better or worse by not allowing them to fully own up to their own mistakes?  


Thanks to one Houston-area judge's eye-opening video, many parents have been starting to carefully re-evaluate their parenting strategies.

Montgomery County Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack recently shared a video to draw attention to an important issue concerning families of adolescents, after he spent several days presiding over multiple probable cause hearings involving suspects aged 17 to 19.

Mack noticed that many of the cases he has been dealing with have at least one thing in common: "inattentive parenting."

The Courier of Montgomery County

He explained that many parents call him to say that they had no idea their kid was capable of making serious offenses.

"I just thought, 'There is no way your mom or dad knew where you were,'" Mack said about the teens in his courtroom.

The judge grew tired of seeing parents repeatedly fail their children, so he recorded a video in which he explains the three things a parent can do if they want to see their child end up in jail.

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