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Judges In England Refuse To Let This Couple Divorce

After 40 years of marriage, Tini Owens is ready to call it quits. The 66-year-old says her marriage to her husband Hugh, 78, a millionaire mushroom farmer, is "loveless and desperately unhappy."

In court, Tini has claimed her husband scolds her in front of her family, friends, and even their housekeeper. She lives apart from him in another house on their property, and she even admits to having an affair with another man.

But despite all this, 3 judges have ruled the couple can't separate, all because her husband doesn't want to.

The Independent

Unlike America, England doesn't have "no-fault divorce," which makes the procedure as easy as submitting the paperwork. In England, if both people don't agree to separate, one of them needs to prove they have a good reason to split.

Tini thought her husband's behavior qualified as "unreasonable," but their divorce judge disagreed. Now, 3 more appeal judges have also ruled against her, leaving her stuck in a loveless and unhappy marriage.

To make things worse, Tini might be forced to pay her husband's $100,000 legal bill.

Huffington Post

One of the appeal judges simply wrote that a "wretchedly unhappy marriage" isn't enough for him to grant a divorce.

This case has inspired people to change Britain's old-fashioned divorce laws, but until they do, Tini and her husband are stuck together.

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