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Julianne Moore Brings Her 15-Year-Old Daughter To Fashion Week And We're Seeing Double

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All smiles as they posed for photos at the Bottega Veneta 2018 Fashion Show at the New York Stock Exchange, Julianne Moore and her daughter Liv Freundlich look like they could be the same person.

Between their vibrant hair, almond-shaped eyes and a wide smile, Liv is a dead-ringer of her mom, just a few years younger.

"She is a wonderful student and a really great girl and an interested person," she told People earlier this year. "When she was really little, she said, 'You know mommy, some people get really scared when they watch movies but I don’t because I know that they’ve made everything up.' She always understood the concept of illusion and I think she understands that with fashion as well."

When Liv was 11, her resemblance to her mother was striking.

Now that she is getting older, the resemblance is even more stunning.

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