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Just Like Dad: Robert Irwin Brings Special Guests To Meet Jimmy Fallon

Thirteen-year-old Robert Irwin made his second appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and there is no mistaking that he is his father's son.

Not only is Robert the spitting image of the late Steve Irwin, but he also inherited the crocodile hunter's charm and love for nature and animals.

Jimmy reminded us of this by sharing a side-by-side photo of Robert and Steve after audiences noticed the striking similarity following his previous visit.

"A lot of the viewers said you look like your dad. You're a spitting image. He'd be so proud," said Jimmy.

The show got even more interesting after Jimmy revealed Robert brought along some interesting and cute animals.

Robert brought out a variety of animals including a terrifying dictator scorpion, snake-like legless lizards and adorable black bear cubs. Jimmy's comical reactions definitely didn't disappoint as Robert urged him to play with the creatures.

Watch Robert introduce some wild guests to a squirmy Jimmy and share some interesting facts about them.