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Justin Timberlake And Garth Brooks Surprise Crowds With Unexpected Duet And A "Forbidden" Third Verse


During a performance in Nashville, Justin Timberlake decided to mix in a classic country song into his set to the delight of his audience.

"This is the country music capital of the world, right?" Timberlake asked a cheering crowd. As he started to strum the unmistakable intro to the fan-favorite, the crowd belted out the first verse.

The entire audience sang along with Timberlake and his giant backup band, the Tennessee Kids, all the way to the end of the first chorus.

Then, Timberlake suddenly silenced them all...

As he paced around the stage, Timberlake set the tone for the rest of the song stating that "something don't feel right."

Then, in one word, he set the crowd into a frenzy:


Out walks Garth Brooks, the second-highest-certified music artist in the U.S. The two spend the next six minutes trading lyrics in an extended version of the song - including the infamous "third verse."

Do you recognize the tune?

[h/t Rolling Stone]