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Kate Middleton Plans At Home Birth For Third Child

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With the upcoming arrival of the next royal baby, Kate Middleton has announced she plans on delivering her third child at home.

The Duchess of Cambridge has opted to deliver her baby at either Kensington Palace or the Sandringham Estate to avoid the "chaos" the births of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, created.

According to Express, a source claims Middleton has discussed her decision with Prince William, who is supportive of her choice.

"Above all they have agreed that having a home birth would save a massive intrusion into the day-to-day running of any hospital where she gave birth," the source said.

"They were very concerned about the chaos caused with the first two children as hundreds of press and public camped outside for several days, and they would like to avoid a repeat if they could," the source continued.

The source added the Duke and Duchess didn't think it was fair on other patients and relatives at the hospital, who would also have to deal with the fanfare.

With Middleton's due date quickly approaching, royal watchers have been trying to figure out what the pair will name their newborn.

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