Kate Middleton Causes Stir With Controversial Opinion About Pepperoni


Oh Kate.

The Duchess of Cambridge seems, by all accounts, to be a lovely woman. Kind, generous, and always thoughtful. She's beautiful and intelligent, without a flaw in all the world.

And then this happens.

Middleton raised some eyebrows with an offhand comment while visiting children at St Jude and St Paul's CE Primary School in north London.

In her trademark fashion, the royal wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Rolling up her sleeves to make some pizza with the youngsters.

The group she was with was very chatty, asking the duchess all manner of questions, including "does the queen eat pizza?"

Middleton didn't have an answer for that one, but said she'd ask the Queen next time she saw her.

While public appearances are part of the job, Middleton always seems to make it look like she's actually enjoying herself.

"It's such fun, you can choose what you put on there, all the different toppings," she said.

She even rolled with some unusual suggestions, like one child who recommended cheese and cucumber for pizza.

For such an innocuous outing, it's surprising that Middleton ended up creating a stir online.

"Does anyone ever put bacon on pizza?" Middleton asked the children. "Do you not think that sounds good? I quite like that actually."

Bacon on pizza is a valid option, but it was her next words that caused the controversy.

"It's like having pepperoni but it's not as spicy."

Not. As. Spicy.

Pepper may be in the name, but most people would agree that pepperoni is far from hot. Naturally the Twittersphere picked up on the offhand comment.

Some people pointed out that there's a reason British cuisine isn't exactly a world favorite. That's just rude though.

The royals are also known to have a strict diet to avoid embarrassments. Shellfish is banned, due to the higher likelihood of food-poisoning, but they are also discouraged from things like foreign tap water, rare meat or anything that's too spicy.

Maybe Middleton just forgot what real spicy is like.

In the meantime she'll have to put up with people making fun of her tastebuds. While it's a very small controversy, the tweets have been great.

And of course people can't help picking sides.

What do you think, is pepperoni spicy?

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