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Kate Middleton Showed Her Mom Skills With Some Quick Thinking

Whether you're taking your kid to school or out doing some shopping, any mom can recognize the signs of a child in need. So even during a royal visit, Kate Middleton takes time out of her day to make sure a little one is okay.

Expecting her third baby in April, the Duchess of Cambridge came across a young boy who looked sick when she and Prince William were visiting Coventry.

That's when she immediately sprung into action.

Craig Skipper is a 10-year-old student at Corpus Christi, who had been waiting for three hours in the cold with the hopes to catch a glimpse of the royal couple's arrival.

“He went quite pale,” Flynn said. “She came over to speak to him, and noticed he was not very well. She asked if he was okay. She bent down and was concerned.”

Kate then went over to talk to one of her bodyguards. She returned to the young boy with a brown paper bag, in case he got sick.

“Princess Kate came over and give him a sickbag, our little Craig,” Carole Flynn, a learning mentor at Corpus Christi primary school, said. “I think he was a little bit overcome.”

Fortunately the bag turned out to not be necessary.

“He is a little bit better now,” Flynn added.

The Duchess had met the boy on a walkabout outside the Coventry Cathedral. They toured the ruins of the famed Coventry Cathedral before visiting the new cathedral. After meeting members of the choir, they enjoyed a cup of tea with staff and volunteers.

“It was lovely of her,” Flynn said. “She really took time with him. You can tell she is a mom, and has got that caring side.”

Kate wasn't the only one to put her parenting skills to the test during the visit. Prince William also expertly calmed down a little girl in the crowd who was crying because she wanted a hot chocolate.

Source: People