Kathie Lee Gifford Looks Identical To Her 24-Year-Old Daughter In Vintage Photos

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America has come to know Kathie Lee Gifford as the co-host of the Today show's popular fourth hour alongside her close pal Hoda Kotb.

The pair have been entertaining viewers together since 2007, but they both had very different beginnings. Every so often, Gifford and Kotb like to take a look back at some of the early moments in their careers.


Over the years, we've walked down memory lane with the co-hosts as they recalled memories such as Kotb's days as an anchor in New Orleans and Gifford's stint on Days of Our Lives.

This week, while discussing a new book claiming anyone can do a split by doing the right stretches, Gifford decided to go even further back and share snaps of her high school days in Maryland.

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The Today star was a part of Bowie High School's "great cheerleading squad," and she explained that while she's still flexible, it's "not like I used to be." Gifford then jokingly quipped that she was "the worst of all the cheerleaders" but she "took it very seriously."


While looking at the black and white vintage photos, Kotb couldn't help but notice the striking resemblance between Gifford and her daughter, Cassidy.

"God, you and Cassidy look so much alike," Kotb told her co-host.

Turns out, Kotb wasn't exaggerating when she made the comment. 24-year-old Cassidy's flowly blonde locks, big smile, and high cheekbones are an exact replica of her mother's features when she was younger.

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