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Kathy Griffin Issues Apology For Gory Anti-Trump Photo

Tuesday afternoon was one of those rare times when both Trump supporters and protesters came together to defend the President after comedian Kathy Griffin delivered a very gruesome visual joke that went too far.

Griffin caused a massive outrage after photos from her collaboration with celebrity photographer Tyler Shields were posted online. The funnywoman shared a disturbing image of herself holding a decapitated and bloody head of what appears to be Donald Trump.

The bizarre photo was accompanied by an exclusive behind-the-scenes video posted to YouTube in which the Griffin claims that her and Tyler "are not afraid to do images that make noise."

Shared has not included the photo in this article due to its graphic nature.

Soon after the photo's release, the image surely garnered a lot of noise. The backlash began to pour in from both liberals and conservatives including some well-known celebrities and members of the Trump clan.

Donald Trump Jr. called the image "disgusting but not surprising" while former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton emphasized that "it is never funny to joke about killing a president."

Actress Debra Messing, a known Trump protester also chimed in:  

Griffin initially stood her ground and refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing and simply offered a short explanation saying:

2/ OBVIOUSLY, I do not condone ANY violence by my fans or others to anyone, ever! I'm merely mocking the Mocker in Chief.

"” Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) May 30, 2017

However after receiving a ton of negative reaction, the stand-up comedian took to Twitter to issue an apology.

Read what she says and President Trump's response on the next page.

A few hours after the photo made waves on the Internet, Griffin uploaded a video-message to her Twitter page to apologize for the photoshoot.

"I sincerely apologize. I'm just now seeing the reaction of these images. I'm a comic, I cross the line. I move the line, then I cross it. I went way too far," she said.

"The image is too disturbing. I understand how it offends people. It wasn't funny. I get it. I've made a lot of mistakes in my career; I will continue. I ask your forgiveness. (I'm) taking down the image. (I'm) going to ask the photographer to take down the image and I beg for your forgiveness. I went too far. I made a mistake and I was wrong."

President Trump responded the next morning through a tweet in which he claimed that his children especially his 11-year-old son is deeply affected by the tasteless joke and "are having a hard time."

As of Wednesday morning, Kathy already started to lose endorsements including her deal with Squatty Potty.

"We were shocked and disappointed to learn about the image Ms. Griffin shared today, it was deeply inappropriate and runs contrary to the core values our company stands for. In response, Squatty Potty has suspended its ad campaign featuring Ms. Griffin," CEO Bobby Edwards said in a statement.

She's also had to bid adieu to her CNN gig as the co-host of the networks annual New Year's Eve program. The news network's decision to cut ties with Griffin was confirmed in a statement released early Wednesday afternoon.

Griffin has yet to comment on her firing, she has remained silent since making an apology.

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