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Kelly Clarkson Gives Us A Glimpse Into Her Marriage And Talks Life As A Mom

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"I feel like you might need to reconnect somehow," Corden said. "So I thought maybe we could arrange a date night for you and Brandon. Right now."

That's when Corden pulled over the car and had the singer hop in the back, where he had a small table, complete with a white tablecloth set up. An assortment of chocolate and a red rose in a glass vase completed the romantic ambiance.

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That's when Blackstock jumped into the backseat with his wife.

"Just pretend I'm not here," Corden said as he poured two glasses of champagne. A violinist then jumped into his passenger seat at the date started.

The couple started their daytime date by locking arms to drink their bubbly, and then Blackstock fed Clarkson a chocolate strawberry.

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The date was definitely awkward, with Clarkson's typically shy husband commenting, "I feel like we're making a porn."

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That's when Corden schooled him on proper date etiquette.

"Hang on, stop this," Corden told the violinist, then looking back at Blackstock. "Did you just say you feel like we're making a porn? That is not a romantic thing to say, Brandon! This is a romantic date night! Start again. Romance, romance, romance!"

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The nervous couple then proceeded to make small talk, proving that parents really have nothing to talk about sometimes.

Watch the hilarious video here:

While their date in the back of the SUV may have not been particularly steamy, Clarkson has not been shy about her and her husband's particularly active sex life.

“Any time we’re in a discussion about sex with a bunch of couples, Brandon and I stay pretty quiet," Clarkson told Redbook. "To keep it family appropriate, let’s say we’re just a lot more active than other couples."

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The "Stronger" singer admitted that she didn't have a long history of romantic partners before her husband.

"I was single for a very long time, and it's hard when you're in the limelight [and] you're financially set and maybe they aren't -- it's just a lot of intimidation," the songstress said. “I'm a whole lot of person and I've dated people who are like, ‘You're a lot,’ and that's cool -- I am a lot but [I thought,] ‘Somebody is going to love that someday and it's not you, so that's fine.'"

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Source: ET Online / Daily Mail

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