Kelly Clarkson Confirms She's Getting Her Own Daytime Talk Show

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After much speculation, the first American Idol winner will be getting her own daytime talk show.

For weeks, it was rumored that Kelly Clarkson was filming a pilot with NBC, but we didn't hear much else from the powerhouse vocalist or anyone else that could have been involved.

Clarkson accidentally confirmed the news that she is further branching off into the world of reality TV on Tuesday's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Clarkson also admitted that she has already shot the pilot for her show. So it's happening, and her fans are super excited to tune in!

"This is a big announcement. This has not been announced yet. You're getting your own talk show," Fallon said, after Clarkson quickly mentioned her new television show.

"Yes. Well, it's been leaked," she replied.

"I love talking; it's like my favorite pastime. It's hard for me to shut up though. You know, you have to listen to people that go on your show," Clarkson added. "That's the only thing I got to work on ... is listening."

That being said, Clarkson admitted she's "not nervous at all."

The show will reportedly run for an hour and is slotted to air ahead of Ellen.

As for the content, the former Voice coach said her show will be "very musical."

"[It will be] a fun, energetic show that breaks with tradition," the network said to EW in a statement.

"In each episode audiences will experience an hour full of remarkable stories, celebrity guests, spontaneous surprises, humor, heart and, of course, good music! It's like a weekday brunch party with a fascinating guest list of people who would otherwise never meet."

For all you musical people out there, you're going to love this show! Twitter users already can't contain their excitement!

Although Clarkson is getting her own daytime talk show, that doesn't mean she'll be moving away from her singing career.

"I'm still touring, I still have music, you know what I'm saying? It's one of those things where my band is on the road with me or they're on the show with me and doing stuff."

Watch the big reveal in the video below!

"The Kelly Clarkson Show" will premiere in the fall of 2019. Will you be tuning in?

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