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Kelly Clarkson Could Barely Contain Herself When She Met Her Idol, And It's Hilarious

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We didn't need more proof that Kelly Clarkson is just like the rest of us, but this really seals the deal. The "Miss Independent" singer got to come face to face with one of Hollywood's elite and she could barely keep her composure.

Vanity Fair

Before the show, Clarkson fantasized about what it would be like to meet Meryl Streep at the event.

“Meryl Streep has four children, and I have four children, and I think that’s cool. … One of her daughters has the same birthday as one of my daughters, River. June 12!” Clarkson said in a Facebook live video on Saturday. “That sounds creepy [that I know that]. I hope she doesn’t run from me tomorrow! I just really love her. I feel like we can be friends.”

The original American Idol winner was finishing her interview with Ryan Seacrest at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards when she spotted one of her idols on the carpet.

“Oh my God!” the singer screamed, startling Seacrest, until she added, “That’s Meryl!”

This was the first time Clarkson attended the show, and she surely made it a memorable experience.

That's when Seacrest stepped in to make the introduction Clarkson had been hoping for.

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