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Kelly Clarkson's House "Ransacked" In Home Invasion

It was supposed to be a fun few days for Kelly Clarkson and her family. She finished off her segment on Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon, and was set to be honored with the Powerhouse Award at the 2017 Billboard Women in Music Awards.

That's when something unexpected and downright scary happened at the LA home she was staying in.

In an interview with Extra, the 35-year-old singer said that things were going well, "other than we got robbed last night...Yeah, it was crazy, we got here and our whole house was like bashed in, it was crazy."

She revealed that nothing of value was taken.

"Materialistic things we didn't care about, the guy was in our kid's room... so it was a little weird, other than that everyone is safe and good," she said.

Clarkson is the mother to River Rose and Remington with husband Brandon Blackstock, as well as stepmother to two children from a previous relationship.

But she is counting her blessings for all the good things in her life.

"Other than that little hiccup everything has been really great in our lives, and we're very blessed and grateful." She added, "Even in that scenario we weren't in the house, which is a blessing."

But this wasn't the first time she has experienced a robbery.

"Honestly, it's my third time in life [being] robbed, but I think it's different when you have kids," the singer continued. "It's a different level of, 'Ugh.' We're blessed we weren't home. It definitely sucks and it's good that our two older kids weren't with us and our two younger kids don't really get it.

While they were lucky no one was home during the break-in, the experience has left her and her husband worrying about the security of their home.

"Luckily, we weren't there -- and somebody was supposed to be there at that time that we were robbed," she said. "We caught it on camera, but it was just one of those things that sucked, you know? Somebody was in your kid's room and ransacked our whole room and closet and everything, and that's never a good feeling."

Regardless of scary burglaries, Clarkson revealed that she loves to be at home this time of year.

"My sister my mom and I are big gamers, so we sit there and play games and it gets heated and my mom usually ends up being miserable because we're so competitive and it's always fun!" shared the "Love So Soft" singer. "And, we watch movies and have hot cocoa and pizza nights."

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"No matter what industry or walk of life you're from, it's the time of year that slows down for us to actually hone in on what's important and the fact that we're all happy and healthy and here for a little longer," Clarkson added.

Clarkson has a performance airing on December 19 on CBS' A Home for the Holidays special.

She is also up for a Grammy nomination this year.

"I thought I would be eligible the next year... but the song was released in enough time, and the category I'm in all the artists are killer," she revealed.

Hopefully the reminder of the is nothing but positive for the family!

Source: ET / Extra / Refinery