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Search Continues For Kelsey Berreth As Her Fiance Is Charged With Murder

Missing Mother Kelsey Berreth - Facebook / Teller County Sheriff's Department

A month after flight instructor and new mother Kelsey Berreth went missing from Woodland Park, Colorado, her fiance has been charged with her murder.

But police are continuing to search for Berreth, 29, including on the 35-acre ranch that was home to her fiance, Patrick Frazee, the man now charged with her murder.

Frazee, 32, was arrested by Colorado police early Friday morning and charged with first-degree murder, as well as solicitation of murder (normally described as "hiring a hitman").

ABC captured Frazee's arrest early Friday morning:

Police were reportedly lead to arrest Frazee after new evidence convinced them that Berreth has died. While the pilot's remains have not been found, police believe she was killed in her home.

Despite being the last person to speak with Berreth before her disappearance on November 22nd, police said that Frazee was not a person of interest or suspect in their investigation several times, and told reporters he was cooperating with their search for his fiance.

Frazee said that Berreth met him at his home on Thanksgiving to drop off their infant daughter, but previously had no explanation for his fiance's disappearance.

Kelsey Berreth
Berreth and Frazee were engaged, but lived separately.Missing Mother Kelsey Berreth - Facebook

Police have also revealed that evidence found in Idaho helped their investigation. Several days after her disappearance, Berreth's phone "pinged" a cell tower in Gooding, Idaho, hundreds of miles from her home, according to investigators.

While Frazee was the last person to Berreth alive, she was caught on camera shopping at a grocery store with her infant daughter on Thanksgiving.

Several of Berreth's relatives, including her mother Cheryl, insisted that her disappearance was out of character. Evidence found at her home, including freshly baked cinnamon buns, also suggested she had not planned to leave town.

Kelsey Berreth
Investigators are convinced Berreth has died, but continue to search for her body.Missing Mother Kelsey Berreth - Facebook

Cheryl called her daughter's vanishing act "completely out of character."

"Kelsey loves her God. She loves her family and friends. She loves her job," she said. "Someone knows where she's at."

Investigators warned residents in Berreth's town to expect an increased police presence as the search for her body continues.

Frazee appeared in court via a video conference on Friday, and will appear in court on New Year's Eve.

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We'll share more updates from police in this tragic case as they arrive.

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