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Kensington Palace Finally Comments On The Alleged Meghan And Kate Feud

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Ever since Meghan and Harry went public with their relationship, there have been all sorts of speculation about how the former Suits star has not been getting along with her new family, including sister-in-law Kate.

According to the most recent reports, Kate was even "left in tears" ahead of Meghan and Harry's wedding in May. The Daily Telegraph's veteran royals reporter Camilla Tominey explained that the Duchess of Cambridge was helping with her daughter Princess Charlotte's bridesmaid dress fitting when things took an emotional turn.

"Kate had only just given birth to Prince Louis and was feeling quite emotional," Tominey said.

What triggered Kate's distress remains unclear, but several sources have revealed that there was a lot of "stress" leading up to the nuptials, and it took a toll on those involved in the wedding.

There were also rumors that Meghan was rude to Kate's staff, so the mother of three had to tell the new royal that her behavior was "unacceptable."

After weeks of refusing to address the speculative stories, Kensington Palace, which contains the offices and the residences of the Prince William and Kate as well as Harry and Meghan, has made an extremely rare move by denying that there is any tension between the duchesses.

"This never happened," a Kensington Palace spokesman said about Meghan allegedly being rude to Kate's staff.

The palace has declined to comment on any of the other stories and will likely not do so in the future.

Despite everything, Kate was recently caught on video telling a fan in Leicester that she is "absolutely" excited for Meghan and Harry's upcoming baby.

"It's such a special time to have little kiddies," she added. "And a cousin for George and Charlotte, as well, and Louis. It'll be really special."

People magazine has also confirmed that the Cambridges and the Sussexes will spend Christmas together again at Queen Elizabeth II's countryside property in Sandrigham.

An insider told the outlet that the couples had a memorable first Christmas together last year, so it only makes sense for them to do it all over again.

"They really loved Christmas and all had a wonderful time," the source said. "I think the two women got on "” they are definitely not best friends, but it was a really special time for them all to spend together."

Kensington Palace broke its silence just about a week after it was announced that Harry and Meghan will be moving to Frogmore Cottage at Windsor Castle.

Although the move away from Kensington will be breaking up their joint court with William and Kate, Harry and Meghan are ready to forge their own path as duke and duchess.

"It is inevitable and practical because it gives Harry and Meghan some freedom to build up their own collection of interests and charities. Meghan has very strong views on what she is interested in and that may be what Harry shares, but not what William and Kate share," royal expert and author Sally Bedell Smith explained.

Frogmore Cottage, which is currently undergoing renovations, is a multi-million dollar house with ten bedrooms, including a nursery, space for a yoga studio and a gym. The cottage has been divided into five sections, including a unit for staff.

The couple is expected to make the move into their new home "early next year."

We're glad Kate and Meghan are getting along well!

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