Why The Key To A Successful Relationship Is Being Happy On Your Own

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Why The Key To A Successful Relationship Is Being Happy On Your Own


It's a story we've all heard before, either from a friend or a relative or in our own lives: someone rushes into a relationship, everything seems fine at first, then everything falls apart and they're devastated. We chase personal relationships because we expect they'll make us happy, but what happens if they don't?    

While a relationship can be fulfilling, if you think that you need to add something to your life to make yourself happy, how can anything ever be enough?  

Think of the happiest people you . When they were single, did they seem distraught? Odds are they always had the same positive attitude.  

We forget this as soon as we're single, but there are lots of downsides to being in a relationship. You have less independence, your emotions are tied up in somebody else's, and in general there are more causes of stress in your life.

Plus, when our relationships fall apart we're devastated. Why? Because we never learned how to be happy while we were single in the first place.

Here's the truth: sometimes a relationship just isn't meant to be. But the one person you can't avoid is yourself, so you need to learn to be happy on your own.

If you find yourself stuck on the treadmill chasing one relationship after another, it's time to break the cycle. Learn how to spend time with yourself, and enjoy the time you spend on your own.

Don't expect anyone else to "complete" you, but be open to new relationships that enrich your life.

Recognize that, as an individual, you are a totally complete person, and start looking for someone who will add to your wonderful self.

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