Can You Spot The Keyboard Amongst The Zebras In Under A Minute?

Courtesy of Holiday Gems

We often don't really pay too much attention to our critical thinking skills unless we're answering a job interview question.

Whether you realize it or not, critical thinking is something we put to use every day to come up with quick but logical solutions and decisions.

An easy way to test and improve this skill is through brain teasers. These puzzles may sometimes seem basic, but they can be extremely helpful in sharpening your cognitive abilities, including improving your memory.


Holiday Gems has recently created a whimsical brain teaser to challenge your brain and put your skills to the test.

In the image below, there is a keyboard hiding in the sea of giraffes below.

According to the creators, the record time for finding the keyboard is 58 seconds, but most people have averaged out at over a minute. Do you think you can do better?

Courtesy of Holiday Gems

If you're struggling to locate the pesky keyboard, the trick is to look out for shapes.

The zebras are shaped like, well, Zebras - whereas a keyboard's going to look a little different. With that in mind, why not have another go?

Still can't find it? Scroll down for the reveal.

Courtesy of Holiday Gems

How long did it take you to find the keyboard, or did you give up and check the reveal instead?

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