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KFC Introduces New Bath Bomb, Doses You In The Scent Of Fried Chicken

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KFC is releasing a new bath bomb, which has people speaking and smelling of fried chicken.

The famous fast-food joint has teamed up with Village Vanguard, a Japanese novelty retail chain, to create the quirky bath bombs titled Chicken Smell? Bathing Powder.

Village Vanguard is known for its wacky products, and had previously launched bath bombs with aromas ranging from pizza, bear and miso soup.

While this is part of KFC's latest publicity campaign, die-hard fried chicken fans can only score one of the drumstick-shaped bath bombs on two conditions. They first must be a resident of Japan, and then one of the 100 lucky people selected from a coveted lottery system from Nov. 1 to Nov. 15.

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