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For Just $10,000 You Can Get A KFC "Cage" For When You Want To Eat Your Chicken In Peace

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Growing up, we all wanted to sit on the bench with Ronald McDonald, or have our picture taken with the Burger King, but now the popular Kentucky-style fried chicken brand is hoping to lure young adults into their new "escape pod".

Before you start backing away from your red and white buckets, just know that there is actually a pretty wholesome reason for the seemingly creepy contraption.

The Internet Escape Pod is meant as a retreat for people looking to get away from their ever-connected devices and spend some quality time with their family and friends.

The grey dome is made out of steel and stainless steel mesh, and a high-density foam that collectively blocks cell signal and internet service. With a drumstick door handle, it's a cute (albeit expensive) way to hide from the pressures of online life.

We could do without the massive Colonel Sanders "hugging" us over top of the tent, though.

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At a whopping $10,000, it seems KFC has found out the price of peace of mind!

This isn't the first time that the family restaurant brand has released a line of cool gadgets to entertain and impress their customers either.

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