KFC Rewarded The Person Who Cracked Their Clever Twitter Joke In The Best Possible Way

My Modern Met

The Twitter-verse can be a wild place. If you aren't careful you can get lost there for hours, and most of the time it is a huge waste. But for one user @edgette22 aka, Mike Edgette, paying attention to the smaller details earned him a shout out and epic prize from KFC.

KFC has done several interesting PR related stunts over the last several years, but the most epic of these, no one seemed to pick up on for quite some time, until Mike Edgette realized what was truly going on.

KFC had only been following 11 people, which isn't all that unusual for a major corporate account, but it's who the KFC is following that really caught the attention of Edgette. They were following the five Spice Girls, and six guys named herb, yup, we can't make that up, 11 herbs and spices. When Edgette announced his find through his own Twitter account, it almost broke the internet.

Now that their little secret had been exposed, what do you think KFC did next?

Well, they took it to a whole different level. Not only did they honor the clever Edgette, but they sent him a painting. A painting of himself getting a piggyback from Colonel Sander. Oh, and he was holding a drumstick in his had as well. Honestly I am a little jealous. Come on, that's taking it to the extreme and I love it, I wish I had been the one to actually clue into what was going on.

My Modern Met

KFC didn't stop there though. Accompanying the painting was a letter "signed" by Colonel Sanders, as well as a box of 52, $5 coupon vouchers for KFC.

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