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KFC Is Coming Out With Vegetarian Chicken And No One Knows How To Feel About It

I have a question for you: Who doesn't love chicken?

Of course it's rhetorical, because almost everyone loves a good deep-fried meal. However, while vegetarians may be the only group who opposes this mouthwatering dish, they won't be for long.

Say goodbye to the original menu of KFC, because this fast food joint is about to introduce a new vegetarian "fried chicken."

"We always look to respond to the latest changes in lifestyle and dining habits of our customers," a KFC spokeswoman said in an emailed statement. "The development of the recipe is still in its very early stages, and so the options we're exploring in our kitchen are still top secret."

While this delicacy will first be tested in the UK and Ireland, it'll still include its signature blend of tasty herbs and spices, and is aimed to be launched in 2019.

Although KFC isn't the first fast food chain to offer vegetarian substitutes for their iconic menu items, it's the latest step the company is taking to offer healthier meat alternatives.

Most recently, the British government is making an effort to cut the amount of calories its citizens consume. In March, Public Health England issued guidelines on how to reduce the calorie count by 20% in some of the most popular foods by 2024.

For reference, a woman should typically intake 2,000 calories per day, while a man should consume around 2,500.

Although the chicken giant has no plans to bring over the vegetarian option to the US anytime soon, the country has seen a growing demand for alternatives to meat.

"How sharply has vegetarianism increased in the US? Double and triple digits. We're talking about millions of people dramatically changing their diets. Chains will take note of that and change their menu offerings," restaurant consultant Aaron Allen told USA Today.

According to research firm NPD Group, 14% of US consumers, or 43 million people, are shifting to diets that include more plant-based items, such as almond milk, tofu and veggie burgers. Interestingly enough, out of those millions of consumers, 85% don't consider themselves vegetarians or vegans.

However, when Twitter users caught wind of this new dish, they weren't afraid to voice their skepticism.

But the real question is, would you eat it?

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