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Father Trying To Give Kids Happy Christmas After Mother Eaten By A Cougar

Daily Mail

A Californian dad is begging for help this holiday season in order to help his children deal with the grief of losing three family members this year, including their mother.

Michelle 'Yin' Wong, was found mauled by a mountain lion after her puzzling disappearance earlier this month.

The young mother, only 33-years-old, had apparently left the children alone at home one night to go walking in the Californian wilderness with no shoes and only a light dress on.

Her sudden death comes as a shock to her three surviving children, who were still grieving the loss of their grandparents earlier this year.

Their grandmother, Mayra ZamoraDaily Mail

Their father, Santino, is doing his best to raise his children on his own, but fears he won't be able to afford to give them the holiday they need right now.

"Our goal as a family is to take the children's minds off of the horrible tragedies for just a moment and provide them with the best possible Christmas that we can,' said their uncle, Ricardo DeCarlo.

They have set up a GoFundMe page asking for a modest amount of $1000 to pay for extra gifts, and the response was immediate.

We should never doubt the world's capacity to show kindness to strangers.

Launched on the morning of December 20th, the campaign hit it's $1000 goal within a few hours, but that doesn't mean people have stopped making donations.

It is currently trending on the GoFundMe website and had reached $1700 at the time of this article's publication.

The family of the children are thanking the online community for their generosity in their time of need.

"The only saving grace is the people that have stepped up to help them," said Santino. "Hopefully that'll be enough to mitigate any permanent damage on their emotional well being."

Do you think this Christmas will be enough to soothe these children? Let us know your thoughts on this developing story.