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4 Kids That Lost Their Teddies, And Got them Back In Epic Ways

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We all want to keep our children happy on long trips, because that keeps everyone happy. So that's why it's always a good idea to keep their stuffed animal friends nearby so they can feel comforted. But when the unthinkable happens and they lose their special toys, they can become inconsolable. Sometimes it means that it's time to understand loss, but then again, sometimes a miracle happens and they are able to find their special stuffies!

Here's a few moments when little boys and girls around the globe were able to reunite with their lost loved ones!

William & Penguin 2

William Chapman thought that everyone made it into the car when they were coming home from a family vacation. However, his beloved flightless toy, Penguin 2, was somehow left behind.

Poor William was in shambles when they got home and Penguin 2 wasn't in the car. Months went by, but there was still no sign of his little buddy. Luckily, his father was driving past a gas station one day and spotted the black and white character staring back through the window.

He said, “I turned to William and said ‘doesn’t that look like Penguin Two’ and his eyes lit up." William was overjoyed, and makes sure he holds tight to his friend on all their adventures!

Lucas and Teddy

When Lucas lost his care-bear, his mother was particularly distraught. Since Lucas has autism, the connection he has with this stuffed animal is even more important for his mental well-being than usual.

“He feeds the bear, he takes the bear to bed, he takes the bear everywhere he goes. He has dinner with teddy and whenever he is walking he holds the bear. When he has meltdowns … he really needs the bear,” his mum said.

So she decided to put together a social media campaign and took to Twitter in order to find leads on the missing Teddy.

It quickly went viral and everyone in the area started taking part in Let's Find Teddy. After a local news station picked up the story, another mother realized she had the toy in question and returned it to the original owner. Lucas got his happy ending after all!

Read on to see more heart-warming stories of children getting their furry friends back home!

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