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Kids From Over 130 Countries Cover Pink's Hit Song For World Children's Day

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Defying all the odds, Pink has made children from across the globe fall in love with her even more.

The Grammy Award winning artist has just announced she has teamed up with UNICEF to bring awareness to the upcoming World Children's Day.

Pink has given her critically acclaimed hit "What About Us" to UNICEF, where the charity has invited kids to record themselves singing along to the pop song, while also including a "new signature dance move to create their own rendition for a music video," PEOPLE reports.


"This World Children’s Day, I am teaming up with UNICEF to remind the world that children and young people’s voices matter and that their perspectives must be included in the decisions that will shape their future,” said Pink in a statement. “I am excited to lend "What About Us" to a global kids take over on Nov. 20 as we celebrate the power of kids around the world speaking out about the issues that affect them."

UNICEF created the campagin to encourage youths from around the world to stand up for their rights and the rights of their peers. The charity organization said the video will be released within the next month once it receives all the submissions.

While handing over her song is a hugely generous gift, this isn't the first time Pink has teamed up with UNICEF.

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