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If You Want Your Kids To Get Good Grades, Make Them Play Outside

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With demanding homework schedules and the draw of screen time, it seems like our younger generation is spending far less time outside then we did when we were growing up.

Whether you live in the city and you enjoy a small garden space, have dinner on your back deck or head to the park before bed, spending more time outside can benefit your kids beyond just getting them a good night's sleep.

Research has shown that kids begin to excel and grow the more time they spend outside.

Time Outside is Decreasing

It's no secret that green outdoor space has been declining over the last few decades. With more houses and infrastructure taking up what use to be forests, creeks and swamps, it can be harder to get away from the concrete jungle to enjoy nature.

It is far too easy for a child to go through the week sitting 7 hours a day in a classroom, an hour or sitting at their desk doing their homework and then spending the remaining hours in front of a screen of some sort.

"Today's indoor kids are distracted, less fit, more aggressive, and hard to manage in the classroom. Some don’t relate well to other students or adults on a personal level." says Vice President for Education and Training Kevin Coyle. "Outdoor time can improve overall health while lengthening attention spans, diminishing aggressiveness, improving test scores and ultimately advancing learning."

Almost without thinking, we have retreated indoors for learning, to prepare our food, work and earn a living. We have found a whole new way of life different than those of our ancestors.

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