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"Killer" Cat Terrorizes Letter Carrier Every Day

Dogs have a bad reputation for chasing after mailmen, but they're not the only pets who can be very territorial when it comes to their family's home.

Every day, mail carrier Debra Anderson from Hamilton, Canada runs into a determined little tuxedo cat on her delivery route. This cat seems to think she's a giant guard dog, and loves to scare Anderson when she goes by her window.

Thankfully, Anderson is a professional, and it takes more than a guard cat to scare her.  In fact, she says the cat "is the highlight of my route."

After taping a few of her daily encounters with the vicious beast, Anderson got a chance to talk with her owner.

She said that her pet waits every morning to hear the mailbox open, then jumps on the windowsill to "play" with her friend.

But it seems like she can actually tell when Anderson is arriving, because in one video she's already waiting for their daily meeting.

Even though Anderson is "pretty sure she would rip my face off if the glass window didn't keep him in," she really loves the cat.

She's even started leaving cat treats in the mailbox for her. Hopefully behind the scary face this cat is a big softie. Maybe she just wants a hug?

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