Kim Kardashian Doesn't Eat At The Same Table As Her Kids For A Very Good Reason

When I was much younger, we used to go to a lot of big family functions, where all the kids would be seated at a different table during mealtime.

Our parents did that for a number of different reasons, including the fact that we were rowdy and messy, and didn't really want to sit at the adult table and listen to their "boring" conversations. This was also a good opportunity for us to bond with our cousins and other relatives that we would only see on special occasions and holidays.

So when I recently found out that Kim Kardashian likes to seat her kids at a different table than her and the other adults, I figured she had similar reasons as my parents. Turns out, I thought wrong.

The mother-of-three was dining at Carpaccio, a fancy Italian restaurant in Miami with her longtime friends Jonathan Cheban, Larsa Pippen, as well as her five-year-old daughter North West, when another patron, Sara Liss, noticed something peculiar about their seating arrangement.

Liss said that the three adults were all seated at the same table, while North sat at a nearby table with her nanny. The onlooker said the little girl was mostly interested in her iPad, but would occasionally get up to go talk to her mother.

Considering there were no other kids sitting with North, it's weird that Kim did not sit with her, but according to a source close to the family, it may be in North's best interest to keep a distance from her mother while they dine out.

"Kim was filming and North expressed that she didn't want to be on camera, so she sat at a table next to Kim," the source told People.

As much as Kim likes to document her family's day-to-day lives, she also respects their privacy. If her kids don't want to appear on camera, she will make sure that their wishes are granted.

Kim previously admitted that she enjoys spending most of her time at home because her kids "have no clue what's going on," but it seems like things have been changing. It's an especially sensitive time for North, who is slowly starting to realize that her mother and father, rapper Kanye West, are celebrities.

In a interview with Big Boy on Real 92.3, the 37-year-old revealed that her oldest daughter has been asked, "Mom, why are you so famous?"

"I'm like, 'We have a TV show.' And she was like, 'Oh, okay,'" she recalled. "That was the first time she was like, 'Oh!'"

Both Kim and Kanye were once opposed to showing their children on camera, but over time they went back on that decision because as Kim noted on the 10th anniversary special of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, "the boundaries are always changing."

"At first we were like, "˜Our kids will never be on, my daughter is not going to be on.' But she's always around me and she's so cute, so I just want people to see [that] a little bit. It's never a story revolving [around] them or about them or anything too personal. We know that we signed up for this, but our kids did not."

Kim may have made some questionable choices over the years, but there's no denying that she's taking her role as a mother seriously and doing what's best for her children. For that, we applaud her.

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