Kim Kardashian Mom Shamed After Instagram Post Showing Daughter In Make-up

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Kim Kardashian Mom Shamed After Instagram Post Showing Daughter In Make-up

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When a person steps into the limelight, they open themselves to criticism from the public, whether they like it or not.

Kim Kardashian is all too aware of the harsh comments made at her expense, but while it used to be solely based her skimpy wardrobe or wild antics, their critiques have been refocused on her parenting decisions.

On September 13, Kim posted a series of videos to her Instagram story, where her five-year-old daughter North is seen playing with her makeup.

The youngster is seen in a full face of light foundation on her nose to dark eye shadow, bronzer, and a gray lip as she tries to blend the cosmetics out.

In another clip, North is seen sporting red lipstick, with Kim heard saying, "Thanks for being the best model for me."

In the caption of the short video, Kim states her daughter is wearing shade number six of the new Classic Blossom collection for her makeup brand, KKW Beauty.

But the reality star also knew she could be mommy-shamed for letting North wearing lipstick - just like when pictures of her daughter's straightened hair were made public.

She wrote: added a disclaimer to her fans: "Relax Mom Shamers it's coming off in a few mins. I just needed a bribe to get out of the door ... you feel me?!?!?!"

While the public may not be a fan of Kim's parenting skills, her sister Khloe Kardashian is, and even picked her to be the legal guardian of her five month old daughter.

In an upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, a pregnant Khloe is seen revealing to her sisters that she's already chosen Kim to take care of True - as the Good American founder said she believes their parenting styles would be more aligned.

"Just because I don't know my parenting style until I have a baby, but from what I envision my parenting style to be, I do think it will be more like Kim"”a lot more stricter."

"Watching Kimberly be a mom, I really respect her parenting skills "” not that I don't respect Kourtney's, I relate to how Kim parents more."

"But at the end of the day, this family is so close and we love each other so much and if anything, God forbid, were to happen, I know my daughter is in the best of hands no matter who her legal guardian is."

Of course, the makeup mogul said it would be "an honor, I'd take such good care of your kids."

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