Kinder Eggs Are Finally Coming To The U.S.

This year, the holidays are about to become even more special thanks to a very special treat that hasn't been allowed in the United States for over 70 years - Kinder eggs.

Even if you haven't tasted it, chances are you've seen photos of the egg-shaped chocolate with a surprise toy hidden inside on the internet. The candy, which is produced by the same company that makes Nutella, is very popular across the globe, and are sold in over 170 countries, except the U.S.

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Americans never had the chance to enjoy the chocolate treat because of a 1938 Federal Drug Administration (FDA) regulation, which banned its sale due to the potential risk of children biting into the egg and accidentally swallowing the non-edible items.

Now, the FDA has relaxed its laws a bit, and Kinder Surprise eggs are officially coming to America. But before you get too excited, there's a catch.

Ferrero International announced the exciting news on Monday and confirmed that the U.S. will be getting a very special version of the candy called Kinder Joy.


"When you're a kid, every surprise counts, especially the little ones. Kinder Joy is a fun, new way to help parents bring little surprises to their kids anytime they want," Paul Chibe, CEO of Ferrero North America, said in a press release. "The delicious, unique taste of Kinder Joy and the wide variety of toys will delight kids, while mom and dad will be surprised by the high quality of the confection and toys – it's unlike anything currently on the U.S. market."

You guys! Look what is now available in America! #kinderjoy

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Unlike the original Kinder Egg, the American version comes in two separate halves, one contains the edible treat made with sweet cocoa and milk-cream, and the other contains the surprise toy.

Kinder Joy is fully compliant with FDA standards since the toy and the candy are packaged separately.

In an interview with TODAY, Chibe said that "there are over 40 different toys focused on play, learning, and skill development so there are too many to mention them all!"

"Kinder Joy has toys that are designed to please any child including unique crayons, balls, racing cars, plus holiday and special licensed toys," he added.

Kinder Joy eggs will be available at Walmart on November 24, and will retail for $1.34 each. They will be a Walmart exclusive for the first 30 days, but will eventually expand to other retailers by Christmas.

Are you excited to try a Kinder Joy?