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Mom Accuses Kindergarten Teacher Of Mocking Her Daughter On Instagram

KWCH12/Perzonseo Wbbyra

As a parent, only you know the best way to raise your child, however, teachers and caregivers become a part of your child's life as they grow up, and also play a crucial role in shaping your little one.

When Breanna, a mom in Wichita, Kansas, sent her daughter to school for the first time, she was hoping the experience would be a positive one, instead it has turned into a nightmare.

The mom is accusing her daughter's kindergarten teacher of cyber-bullying after she allegedly posted a series of photos of the crying student on Instagram, then proceeded to mock the little girl's behavior in the caption.

"She just made fun of her and humiliated her for everyone on her Instagram to see."

"She just made fun of her and humiliated her for everyone on her Instagram to see," the upset mother told local news outlet KWCH12 in October. "I almost started to cry because it was just like her teacher was doing this to her because she does have developmental issues already."

She added, "They were all three of her crying, and in one of them she was like sobbing into her jacket. She was crying, and in one of the pictures she put, 'this is fake crying, and this is what I have to deal with, and she makes her self throw up too ya'll,' and she put like the laughing with the tears emojis, and she put 'lol.'"

After being informed of the incident, Breanna said that she received an apology letter from the educator, who admitted that she "never intended to hurt or embarrass anyone," and that she "made a careless and innocent mistake by posting a picture of her, which then got completely blown out of proportion."

Apology not accepted

Despite the teacher's attempt to make amends, Breanna isn't satisfied with the response, so she teamed up with Parents Who Care, an advocacy group, to get justice for her five-year-old daughter.

"I don't really think she has the right to teach anymore at USD 259," said Danna Copeland, the head of the group.

Breanna, a parent of a student at Gammon Elementary School, is accusing a kindergarten teacher of cyber-bullying her daughter. KWCH12

Breanna is especially angry and frustrated over the fact that the teacher was still allowed to continue working even after the incident, which she believes violates the school district's social media guidelines.

"Instead of sitting there comforting her, she's taking pictures and posting them on her Instagram, laughing at her, and that's not okay, and the school they didn't suspend her or anything," she said. "I don't accept her apology because it wasn't sincere. She only wrote it to save herself, and it didn't work."

Potential lawsuit

Following an investigation, Breanna was informed that the teacher has been replaced by a long-term substitute teacher for the remainder of the semester, however she is still employed by the district as a roving teacher.

"Roving teachers can work with students or at the administration office depending on the work assignment," the district explained. "They are transferred to roving teachers for a variety of reasons. Assignments are determined by what is appropriate given the needs of the district and any restrictions a roving teacher may have."

Breanna and Danna attended the school board's meeting in late October to discuss their social media policy, and have also staged a protest outside the district's administrative offices.

It was reported that she has also been in contact with an attorney and plans to file a grievance.

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